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The Super Air Nautique line-up of Nautique Boats is Correct Craft's crossover-wakeboarding focused model; the boat is outfitted for wakeboarding with a tower and ballast tanks from the factory. Furthermore, some air nautiques are in V-drive format, which creates a bigger wake for the rider.


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Seamstress UPH. (Former Employee) says

"Started at 4:30 am sometime we worked to 5:00 pm always never if we had the weekend off. No work schedule. Hardly anyone spoke English. Very frustrating to say the least . Some people didn’t know now to work production or sew . Some mangers didn’t know how to do there job. And pushed it on you. And you had to make it up for the slackers ! No organization! And they upped production every month .Wow ! A popsicle when it was over 90+ degreesNo A/C packed like a sweat shop !"

Upholstery Sewer (Current Employee) says

"They're a good company with great benefits and currently having a successful run. All of which are appealing qualities when you're job searching. Coworkers are welcoming and eager to see new people join & progress once you're there. But the reality is you can only truly expect to be successful if you'd already gotten your experience with the job duties elsewhere. You're presented with a 90 day training & evaluation period. This seems standard with a lot of employers these days (even less appealing ones) wanting to invest in your success & development and to best ensure employee retention. But the reality is you're expected to be in regular production within the first week of hire & the remaining 90 days is just for them to judge whether they'll still see you as a good fit. So it's a great place to work if you're already a seasoned worker in the industry; but a deflating experience if you're someone starting out in the industry."

Specialist Gelcoat (Current Employee) says

"Lo peor no es una compañia justa cuando se trata de alguna sitauciaon laborar tinenen preferencia"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Many different projects are run at the same time with a high expectation for each one. Half the people are new to the company and receive little technical guidance. Expected to know everything about your job very shortly after starting."

EHS Manager (Former Employee) says

"Long hours and hard work. If you have no education and like to work hard, this is the place for you. Good benefits. Bible school classes are held on-site. Once a year parties are nice. If you speak Spanish you will communicate better since half the work force is from down south.BenefitsHard work and lng hours"

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